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Course module: GSTUTPIP2
Teaching practice 2
Course infoSchedule
Course codeGSTUTPIP2
ECTS Credits10
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byGraduate School of Teaching; Graduate School of Teaching;
Contact personM.I. Decovsky
Contactperson for the course
M.I. Decovsky
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P. Mesker
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Teaching period
1  (30/08/2021 to 12/11/2021)
Teaching period in which the course begins
1/  3
Time slotC: C (MON-afternoon, TUE-aftern,THU-morn)
Study mode
RemarkThis course is only for U-TEAch students
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesNo
Waiting listNo
Course goals
A. Subject teacher prepares lessons:
1. Sets learning goals for specific lessons and the whole curriculum.
2.  Designs learning activities (incl. materials and media) for the established learning goals.
3. Plans the realization and preparation of learning activities.
4. Guides the realization of learning activities.
5. Assesses the degree to which the established learning goals have been realized.

B. Guide and counselor:
6. Builds up interpersonal relations with (groups of) pupils.
7. Creates an orderly working atmosphere based on insights in communication processes.
8. Guides the development of identity in pupils.
9. Acts professionally based on a vision of personality building.

C. Teacher beyond the classroom:
10. Performs tasks that go beyond lessons, classes and subjects.
11. Collaborates constructively.

D. Manager of his own professional development:
Systematically improves his or her own professional performance.
The practical courses PiP1a, PiP1b and PiP2 are aimed at gaining the necessary teaching experience and teaching competences in practice.

The aim of the PiP2 internship is for lio's to become qualified first-degree teachers who meet the requirements stated in the Wet op de Beroepen in het Onderwijs (BIO).

The largest part of the course takes place at the internship school. For the PiP2 internship, the lio is usually placed at a different internship school than for PiP1.U-TEAch students do their second internship abroad. This internship abroad is a mandatory part of the U-TEAch programme. The U-TEAch coordinator selects the placement school for each student. It is not allowed to arrange your own internship. Students may provide their motivation for a particular country and personal wishes are taken into account but cannot be guaranteed. In exceptional circumstances (family, health, job, etc) or for students who have done their secondary education abroad, exemptions may be given and students may continue with PiP2 in the Netherlands. This will be discussed during the selection interview.
During PiP2, the lio has to teach 60 lessons (based on lessons of 50 minutes) independently to fixed classes in the first degree area (bovenbouw upper grades havo/vwo, MYP5-DP2, or equivalent in foreign system).

The internship abroad runs from mid-march until mid-june (with some flexibility based on foreign school schedules), and before that students work on course work in preparation to go abroad. Therefore in person sessions will be done in the month of February, and while abroad students complete most course work either online or via skype/MS Teams.  Preparation sessions before going abroad will happen on Tuesdays though some Monday sessions may be planned if need be

At school, the student is supervised by an internship supervisor who teaches the same school subject. In addition the lio receives a lesson visit by their subject teacher.
The lio is available for the internship on all weekdays. As a guideline, the fulltime lio is present at school on four half-days a week, spread over a maximum of three days. The parttime lio is present at school for two half-days a week.

In the tutorials online, the lio's reflect on their teaching skills, develop their own teaching style and their own practical theory. The integration of various sources of knowledge about gained in PiP1a/b serve as the basis for the development of practical theory. The course is concluded with a portfolio.

It is mandatory to take Teaching Methodology 2, CLIL, ICE, IYC and Subject Teaching Methodology 2 (including the didactic research) alongside PiP2.

The course PiP2 can also be followed in the job variant. The job has to meet the following requirements:
  • You are working in secondary education at a regular school in the Netherlands (i.e. NOT special education, secondary vocational education, a university of applied sciences (hbo) or a private school), with a minimum group size of 20 pupils, as a teacher in the school subject in which you want to obtain a qualification;
  • you have a colleague as supervisor and assessor, who makes time for this and has affinity with coaching;
  • you are available on Tuesdays to attend classes at Utrecht University;
  • you teach 60 hours (of 50 minutes) in total to (a) fixed class(es) in the first degree area (upper grades havo/vwo) and you have a maximum appointment of 0.5 FTE for the fulltime programme and 0.8 FTE for the parttime programme.

You can find detailed information about the internships in the internship brochure, which can be requested via

Please note:
This course starts with mandatory attendance at the Start Days First Degree Module during the Start week Internship/Job.
  • If you start this course in period 1 (September), the Start week will take place during the last week of the summer holidays (region "midden"), i.e. before the official start of the academic year. For the exact dates check

Entry conditions:
  • Starting PiP2 is only possible after successful completion of PiP1b.
  • Going abroad is at the discretion of the course coordinators, and in rare circumstances a student may be asked to stay in the Netherlands (for ex in the event of study delay, or retake exams)
Entry requirements
You must meet the following requirements
  • Enrolled for a degree programme of faculty Graduate School of Teaching
  • Completed all course modules listed below
    • Teaching practice 1b (GSTUTPIP1B)
Prerequisite knowledge
GSTUTPIP2 kan alleen worden gevolgd, als aan GSTUTPiP1a/b is deelgenomen.
Required materials
Instructional formats
Small-group session

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