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Course module: USEMPS
Professional Skills
Course infoSchedule
Course codeUSEMPS
ECTS Credits2.5
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeIndividueel
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byFaculty of Law, Economics and Governance; Graduateschool REBO; International Economics and Business;
Contact personJ.C.L. Gawke, MSc
Contactperson for the course
J.C.L. Gawke, MSc
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Teaching period
1  (02/09/2019 to 10/11/2019)
Teaching period in which the course begins
1/  2/  3/  4
Time slotAC: See 'Help'
Study mode
RemarkRequired in masters IM, BDE, FM, BF L&E and EP.
Enrolment periodfrom 03/06/2019 up to and including 30/06/2019
Course application processadministratie onderwijsinstituut
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesNo
Waiting listNo
Learning objectives
After following this course:
1.       You will be able to evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses, and have created/developed personal goals (based on reflecting on your professional development, both with regard to their current position as well as to learning opportunities),
2.       You understand and are able to apply professional skills (in at least four areas of your interest). 
Your master provides you with knowledge and analytical skills to succeed in a professional career. However, superior academic knowledge is not enough. This course provides you with tools to orient yourself on the job market, and offers you a series of workshops to develop skills to become a more effective worker. Employers often seek candidates who possess a broad set of professional skills; these include writing and presentation skills as well as intercultural knowledge and understandings that are necessary to gain employment and to be successful in a job. Especially in a highly competitive labour market, employers prefer candidates who possess certain professional skills. Professional skills thus are not only tools to be successful in your job, they can also help you getting one.
Course contents
The course includes two components. First, you are challenged to reflect on yourself as an individual, and develop a plan to act. This part includes a self-evaluation, analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses, and a plan for self-development. Evidence for this exercise will be embodied in a self-reflection report.
Second, the course offers a range of workshops covering a wide range of skills and capabilities that will help you to develop yourself, and become a better candidate to potential employers. Our (preliminary) list of modules includes: Intercultural communication, Time management, the art of job application, Consultancy skills, Leadership, Pitching, Presenting, Speedreading, Memory techniques, and Influencing people. (Please note that this overview can still be subject to change)
You will have to take four workshops to pass the course.
No specific literature is required for this course.
All activities related to this course (self-reflection meetings, workshops) are organized in pre-determined dates throughout the year.  In periods 1, 2 and 3 single days will be dedicated to the course, usually on Fridays. Anticipate half-day or full-day sessions. Workshops will be given by professional trainers.
More details will be shared in the course manual that will be posted on Blackboard in advance of the course.

No grade will be given. In order to pass this course, the students should:
1.     Attend four workshops.
2.     Develop and hand a satisfactory self-reflection report – the reflection report will be graded ‘pass’ or ‘fail’
In case online access is required for this course and you are not in the position to buy the access code, you are advised to contact the course coordinator for an alternative solution. Please note that access codes are not re-usable meaning that codes from second hand books do not work, as well as access codes from books with a different ISBN number. Separate or spare codes are usually not available.
Entry requirements
You must meet the following requirements
  • Enrolled for a degree programme of faculty Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance
Required materials
Instructional formats
Self-reflection meetings


Active participation & reflection report
Test weight100
Minimum grade1

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