Kies de Nederlandse taal
Course module: KE3V20002
Medieval Celtic Palaeography
Course info
Course codeKE3V20002
Course goals
At the end of this course, the successful participant will be able to:
1.      transcribe given Irish  and Welsh texts accurately and correctly;
2.      recognize poems in Irish and Welsh manuscripts and be able to present them in a manner appropriate to a modern textual edition;
3.      prepare texts for a translation;
4.      write an academic analysis of an Irish or Welsh manuscript
One of the skills students must possess in order to be able to interpret Irish and Welsh texts is the ability to transcribe texts from manuscripts. This skill is of crucial importance, not only for checking existing editions, but also for the comprehending sources that can lead to a wider understanding of Medieval Irish and Welsh language and culture. Therefore, during this course students learn to transcribe such texts and to prepare them so they may serve as a basis for a translation. In addition, students receive an introduction to codicology and to existing electronic corpora (and their utilization).

Additional information
This Course is part of the In-depth Courses Interpretation and reinterpretation of medieval Celtic Texts.

LAS and TCS students who follow this course as part of the core curriculum of their major, need to complete a compulsory preparation course/assignment. See for more information:
Kies de Nederlandse taal