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Cursus: GKMV17002
Public history, herinnering en werelderfgoed. Naar een coöperatieve historische cultuur
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)5
This course aims to provide insight into social uses of the past. 
  • Students familiarize themselves with the (relation between the) concepts of public history, memory and heritage, and get an overview of recent debates and developments within these fields
  • Students learn to connect these theoretical debates to cases from the historical culture in the Netherlands, Europe and the world
  • Students discover their own position on the public role of historians in general, and cultural historians in particular.
Historians built their discipline on the assumption that the past is a ‘foreign country’ and that any understanding of this country requires experts with special knowledge and skills, that is: trained historians. Never, however, have academic historians owned the past. Many people engage with the past, through heritage sites, museums and historical theme parks, history education, commemorative rituals, or historical infotainment shaped as novels, movies, reenactments, computer games and the like. In this course we will engage with these public uses of the past in order to assess the role of (cultural) historians in a ‘participatory historical culture’.

a. excursies / excursions
b. het analyseren van concrete (erfgoed-)instellingen in opdrachten/analysis of practices of heritage-institutions

LET OP! Alleen studenten van de MA Geschiedenis: educatie en communicatie mogen zich als bijvakker via hun tutor voor deze cursus inschrijven. Alle andere studenten die deze cursus als bijvak willen volgen, moeten contact opnemen met de MA coördinator.

The entrance requirements for Exchange Students will be checked by the International Office and the Programme coordinator. Acceptance is not self-evident.

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