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Cursus: GEO4-1433
Hydrogeological Transport Phenomena
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
This course aims at exposing the student to basic concepts and principles related to the movement of solutes in porous media, in general, and in soil and groundwater, in particular. Processes affecting the spreading of solutes in porous media will be described and corresponding governing equations will be introduced. The students will develop the ability to set up mathematical models for quantitative description of subsurface transport phenomena including initial and boundary conditions. Simple analytical solutions will be discussed. Also, students will become familiar with the well-known modeling package PMWIN.
The subsurface environment plays an important role in many human activities as well as in natural systems. Both soil and groundwater are valuable natural resources for human beings. Moreover, the subsurface is frequently used for storage of mass (toxic and otherwise) and energy, and construction of certain facilities and infrastructure. For a sustainable use of the subsurface and its resources, it is extremely important to understand and predict various processes that occur in the subsurface. In particular, knowledge of the flow of water and the movement of dissolved components is essential for the design of various activities occurring in the subsurface. This course relates to the understanding and description of processes affecting the fate of dissolved components of groundwater. The knowledge obtained in this course will be also relevant to the study of transport of solutes in general porous media (e.g. human tissues, plants, ceramics, concrete and other construction materials, food, paper).

Transport of solutesby advection and diffusion;
  • Various ways of classification of pollutants
  • Determination of flow velocity and dispersion coefficients
  • Description of adsorption: linear and nonlinear isotherms, kinetic adsorption
  • Determination of adsorption coefficients
  • Degradation processes
  • Discussion of initial and boundary conditions
  • Solute transport in double-porosity media
  • Transport in unsaturated zone
This course is an entry requirement for Environmental Hydrogeology (GEO4-1432)
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