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Cursus: GEO4-1432
Environmental hydrogeology
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
This course aims at providing a firm basis for the modelling of complex flow and transport processes in the subsurface relevant to the environmental problems in soil and groundwater. This includes transport of soluble components of organic liquids, viruses, colloids, and heat as well as basics of multiphase flow. A number of important methods for remediation of soil and groundwater are discussed in detail. The students will develop the ability to set up mathematical models for quantitative description of complex subsurface transport phenomena. Through a class project, the use of PMWIN package for modeling flow and solute transport will be taught.
  • Review of major soil and groundwater pollution sources and processes
  • Advanced topics in adsorption (two-site kinetics, nonlinear kinetics, double porosity media, - etc.)
  • Modelling dissolution and transport of organic liquid compounds
  • Modelling biodegradation
  • Principles of multiphase flow
  • Principles of virus transport and colloid transport in the subsurface
  • Pollution due to agricultural activities
  • Natural attenuation of soil and groundwater pollution
  • Review of major soil and groundwater remediation methods
  • Detailed description and modelling of Pump-and-Treat method
  • Detailed description and modelling of Hydraulic Removal of LNAPL method
  • Detailed description and modelling of Soil Vapour Extraction method
  • Working extensively with PMWIN model of flow and transport.
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