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Cursus: GEO3-3024
Advanced GIS
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
Students learn to:
  • group wise set-up, execute, supervise and/or critically assess research projects within the field of geo-information science and technology (GI S&T);
  • report (orally or written) on research executed within the field of geo-information science and technology;
  • handle GIS including data editing, raster and network analysis;
  • retrieve, process, model, analyze, and visualize geo-data and geo-information.
The prime purpose of the Advanced GIS course is to widen your knowledge and skills in the practical – foremost analytical – application of Geographical Information Systems. As a consequence, a substantial part of the course consists of practical assignments in which you train your skills in GIS analysis. At the same time, you will start your analytical GIS project. The practical assignments are partly integrated with the project. You will work together with one or two fellow students, directly applying your new skills in the project. The project is concluded with a final report on progress and outcomes (maps, charts, etc.).

Please note
  • All lectures and supervised practicals take place in time slot C, extra GISlab time is booked in time slot A for unsupervised practical and Project work only.
  • The maximum capacity of this course is 64 participants. When the maximum capacity is exceeded selection will take place.
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