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Professional Skills and Identity
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)5
Upon completion of the course students can:
  • describe and analyze the core elements (knowledge / skills / norms / values / roles) that together make up the professional identity of a HPS / SEC / science research master graduate
  • analyze the position of HPS / SEC professionals in relation to science, research, policy-making, media, education and society
  • make informed choices with respect to their own future career
  • describe which competences they still need to develop for their chosen career
  • develop effective persuasive oral and written products for specific aims and target audiences
During this course students gain insight in the various roles that they can play in society after they graduate, and what is needed – especially in terms of communication - to fulfil such a role succesfully. Guest lectures will be given by professionals who share their work experience in for instance the domains of research, science journalism, and informal science education (including museums). Special attention will be given to the roles they have taken upon themselves, and how their experiences in and with these roles have shaped their professional identity. What dilemmas did they encounter along the way? What advice can they give to students about the skills and knowledge they need to acquire? In addition, students will discuss some of the main factors that currently shape science education, - communication, - policy, and the dynamics between science and society. They will learn to identify opportunities for using their expertise to address current socio-scientific issues witin the context of a desirable future job
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