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Course module: FI-MSECIPD
Internship Product Development
Course info
Course codeFI-MSECIPD
Course goals
At the end of the course a student can
       work in a project-based way and carry out relevant analyses for the product development task
       in a research based way, develop an educational / communication product, based on the science communication knowledge base
       evaluate developed product as well as design process
       get in touch with client and target audiences in a proper way and maintain good relations
       on the basis of pre-set learning aims, reflect on his / her own learning process / professional development
In this course, you will get a general overview of the field of science communication and its knowledge base, and you will implement that information during your internship. You will be working in a science communication or education organization, while at the same time you will follow (some) educational sessions at university. You will experience this work environment, carry out all kinds of relevant tasks, seek active contact with the target audience(s) and meanwhile work on one main task: developing a concrete communication / education (CE) product for your organization / supervisor. This CE product will be designed using literature and has to be finished and handed in together with a (research- or evidence-based) report on why and how the product was made. In addition, you will have to reflect on your own professional development by means of learning aims which you have set up for yourself at the start of the internship. International students, please note that it may not always be possible to organize a product development task with an organization other than Utrecht University.
Kies de Nederlandse taal