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Course module: FA-MA218
Course info
Course codeFA-MA218
Course goals
The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the nanomedicine field. At the end of the course, the student is able to:
Knowledge and insight
  1. Explain the underlying principle of drug targeting approaches (i.e. passive and active);
  2. Describe the different classes of synthetic nanomedicines (such as liposomes, polymeric nanoparticles, and micelles) and of bio-inspired nanomedicines (such as virus-like particles, extracellular vesicles, or antibody-drug conjugates)
  3. Explain how these nanomedicines can enhance the therapeutic index of pharmaceuticals
  4. Elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of the different nanomedicines
  5. Provide a detailed description of nanomedicines’ applications in both cancer and cardiovascular disease
  6. Explain the considerations for using either synthetic, bio-inspired nanomedicines, or direct conjugates, for certain applications
  7. Explain how nanomedicine can enable diagnostics
  1. Interpret scientific data from a paper on nanomedicine and discuss the paper with peers
  2. Design research focused on nanomedicine applications
  3. Define the unique selling point of nanomedicine companies and present this to peers
  4. Engage into respectful interactions, discussions and collaborations with peers
Characteristics of nanoparticles such as size, surface area and internal composition make them attractive candidates for use in therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the nanomedicine field. Every week a theme will be discussed in which nanomedicine is involved: therapeutics (both synthetic and bio-inspired) and diagnostics. We will focus on the applications of nanomedicine in cancer and cardiovascular disease.
After an introductory lecture on a specific theme, you will have an interactive meet up with experts of the field. During the week you will work on an assignment together with other students (as a group). During the course you will write a research proposal, present a paper and present the unique selling point of a nanomedicine company. 
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