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Course module: BMB509613
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Life Sciences & Health Seminar
Course info
Course codeBMB509613
ECTS Credits3
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeElective
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byFaculty of Medicine; Graduate School of Life Sciences; Graduate School of Life Sciences, fac. GNK;
Contact persondr. P.F. Grundeman
Teaching period
MASTER  (21/08/2017 to 18/08/2018)
Teaching period in which the course begins
Time slot-: Not in use
Study mode
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesNo
Waiting listNo
Course goals
At the end of the course the student:
  1. is acquainted with processes of new value creation, and more particularly the interaction between science, industry and policy in the domain of Life Sciences & Health.
  2. is prepared for interacting with business and policy, and to create new value as a professional in the Life Sciences & Health domain.
  3. is able to write abstracts of the seminars.
Period (from – till): 20 September 2017 - 20 June 2018

Paul Grundeman (
prof. E. Stam​ (Blok Coördinator)
Speakers from industry, university and government.

Course description
In the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Life Sciences & Health Seminars academic experts and practitioners from industry and government will share their insights on entrepreneurship and innovation in the Life Sciences and Health domain. They will explore the interaction between science, industry and policy in this domain. During this seminar series you will discover your own career direction finalized by writing and defending a (fictive) business plan.

Coordinators: Prof. Paul Gründeman (Exp. Cardiology UMCU) and Prof. E. Stam. Introduction seminar 20-9-2017 by coordinator. The list of speakers will be completed at the beginning of the course and published on BlackBoard.

Schedule 16.30-18.00 h
1.   Wednesday 20 September 2017
2.   Wednesday 18 October 2017
3.   Wednesday 15 November 2017
4.   Wednesday 20 December 2017
5.   Wednesday 17 January 2018
6.   Wednesday 21 February 2018
7.   Wednesday 21 March 2018
8.   Wednesday 18 April 2018
9.   Wednesday 16 May 2018
10. Wednesday 20 June 2018
Business plan
During this seminar series you will write a (fictive) business plan together with a team of 5 people. The business plan will be based upon an existing start-up of your own choice. Or you can choose to write a plan based on your own invention using a template from an existing start-up. The business plan has to be around 2-3 pages.

An article to already get acquainted with this matter: Sahlman, W. A. (1997). How to Write a Great Business Plan. Harvard Business Review.

Seminar 9: Exercising the pitch. Try out and instructions. An expert will help you to prepare for the final pitch at seminar 10.
Seminar 10: Pitch will be delivered by a delegate from the group of five. A panel of experts will take the opportunity to challenge the group with “real world” questions and remarks. Note: the pitch is meant to be a learning process thus do not take harsh remarks too personal!
The deadline for handing in the business plan is one week before the seminar 10 (pitch). Strict file format for acceptance: a printed copy to be hand in at the secretariat of Experimental Cardiology – Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology (UMC Utrecht, Att. Joukje van der Velde, room number G03.551, working days Mondays-Thursdays).

Final report
• Total 2000 words (body text with headings part 1 - 3, references and personal reflection excluded, include word count)
o Part 1: summary of at least 7 seminars (October - May) with highlights on topics innovation, valorization, market potential, venture capital acquisition, drivers for success like personality including a grade for the individual speaker(s), (score: poor, good , excellent).
o Part 2: personal reflection (1 A4 max) and use of additional literature – e.g. the recommended literature, no limit). How do you see yourself in your future carrier? As entrepreneur/innovator or as scientist/discoverer (from academia or from a start-up)? Indicate positives and negatives.
o Part 3: one major suggestion to improve the course.
• Presence 8/10 seminars is mandatory for obtaining a certificate (including sufficient mark for report). Signatures will be collected during the course.
• Strict file format for acceptance: a printed copy to be hand in at the secretariat of Experimental Cardiology – Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology (UMC Utrecht, Att. Joukje van der Velde, room number G03.551, working days Mondays-Thursdays).
• Deadline: 28 June 2017. After this deadline we do no accept assignments anymore; evaluation within 10 working days on OSIRIS, Grades: Poor: 3-4-5 (no certificate), Sufficient (6), Over-average (7), Good (8), Excellent (9).
Literature/study material used:
will be announced during the course.

Registration & administration
You can apply for this course f starting from June 1st and registration is on a "first come, first served" basis.
Secretariat LHKC, Joukje van der Velde:
Room number G03.551, working days Mondays-Thursdays

For registration send an email to or register via the Study Guide.
Mention the following in your email:
  • Course name:
  • GSLS Master's:
  • Solis ID (if available):
  • First name & surename:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone number:
Mandatory for students in own Master’s programme:
Optional for students in other GSLS Master’s programme:
Prerequisite knowledge:
You have to be registred for one of the Master's programme of the Graduate School of Life Sciences
Entry requirements
You have to be registered for one of the following degree programmes:
- Biology of Disease, Full-time
- Biomedical Image Sciences, Full-time
- Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental Biology, Full-time
- Drug Innovation, Full-time
- Environmental Biology, Full-time
- Epidemiology, Full-time
- Epidemiology Postgraduate, Full-time
- Infection and Immunity, Full-time
- Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, Full-time
- Neuroscience and Cognition, Full-time
- Regenerative Medicine and Technology, Full-time
- Science and Business Management, Full-time
- Toxicology and Environmental Health, Full-time
Required materials
Instructional formats (attendance required)
Essay (Required)

Presentation (Required)

Project group (Required)

Seminar (Required)

Workshop (Required)

Final result
Test weight100
Minimum grade5.5

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