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Course module: BMB507611
Communicating Life Sciences
Course info
Course codeBMB507611
ECTS Credits3
Category / LevelM (M (Master))
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byFaculty of Medicine; Graduate School of Life Sciences; Graduate School of Life Sciences, fac. GNK;
Contact personM.J.E. Roelofs, PhD
Course contact
M.J.E. Roelofs, PhD
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Teaching period
BMS_P1_A  (05/09/2022 to 13/11/2022)
Teaching period in which the course begins
Time slot-: Timeslot not applicable
Study mode
RemarkDates: 22 Sep-1 Dec 2022 and 6 Apr-15 Jun 2023. Registration via Osiris Student. Max 12 participants.
Enrolment periodfrom 30/05/2022 up to and including 26/06/2022
Enrolling through OSIRISYes
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesYes
Post-registration openfrom 22/08/2022 up to and including 19/09/2022
Waiting listYes
Course goals
After the course the students can:
1. connect to knowledge and interests of their target group;
2. identify newsworthy subjects;
3. gather relevant information through an interview;
4. write and edit popular science articles.

Overall, students will learn what comprises a popular science story and get a feeling for society’s view of science. 
Period (from – till): this course is held twice a year. 
Period 1-2: 22 September 2022 – 1 December 2022
Period 3-4: 06 April – 15 June 2023 

Course coordinator: Maarke Roelofs, PhD, policy officer GSLS:
Lecturer: Connie Engelberts, MSc, freelance science editor
Course description
During this course, the participants will write and edit articles that can be shared with the Graduate School of Life Sciences. The course starts with three meetings in which the students learn to identify interests of their target group, practice interview techniques and exercise in popular science writing. In the second half of the course, the students will choose at least three subjects to write upon, featuring Utrecht Life Sciences research and other topics that are relevant for the community of the Graduate School. They will edit each other’s work and find ways to promote their news articles.

Students publish their articles in the digital Master for Life Magazine. Previous issues of Master for Life Magazine can be found here.

Programme (BMS_P1_A): 22 September 2022 – 1 December 2022
22-09-2022 Thursday 13:15 17:00
29-09-2022 Thursday 13:15 17:00
13-10-2022 Thursday 13:15 17:00
27-10-2022 Thursday 13:15 17:00
11-11-2022 Friday 13:15 17:00
01-12-2022 Thursday 13:15 17:00

Programme (BMS_P3_A): 06 April – 15 June 2023 
06-04-2023 Thursday 13:15 17:00
13-04-2023 Thursday 13:15 17:00
26-04-2023 Wednesday 13:15 17:00
11-05-2023 Thursday 13:15 17:00
25-05-2023 Thursday 13:15 17:00
15-06-2023 Thursday 13:15 17:00

You can register for this course via OSIRIS Student. More information about the registration procedure can be found here on the GSLS Students' Site.
The maximum number of participants is 12, with a minimum of 8.

Mandatory for students in own Master’s programme:
Optional for students in other GSLS Master’s programme:
Yes, for all GSLS students.
Entry requirements
Required materials
Instructional formats



Themed session

Final result
Test weight100
Minimum grade5.5

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