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Course module: BMB507611
Communicating Life Sciences
Course info
Course codeBMB507611
ECTS Credits3
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byFaculty of Medicine; Graduate School of Life Sciences; Graduate School of Life Sciences, fac. GNK;
Contact personE. Herold, MSc
Contactperson for the course
E. Herold, MSc
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Teaching period
MASTER  (20/08/2018 to 17/08/2019)
Teaching period in which the course begins
Time slot-: Not in use
Study mode
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesNo
Waiting listNo
After the course, the students can:
  1. identify knowledge and interests of their target group;
  2. gather relevant information through an interview;
  3. edit and write popular science articles.
Also, the students have been part of the editorial board of the newsletter for three editions during the year.
Overall, students will learn what comprises a popular science story and get a feeling for society’s view of science.
Period (from – till): 13 September 2018 – 15 November 2018. 
Course coordinator: Eva Herold, Msc, programme advisor BMS, UMC Utrecht, - If you have any questions regarding the content of the course, please contact the lecturer.
Lecturer: Connie Engelberts, MSc, science editor, UMC Utrecht
Course description
During this course, the participants will write and edit articles for three editions of a digital newsmagazine from the Graduate School of Life Sciences. The course starts with three meetings in which the students learn to identify interests of their target group, practice interview techniques and exercise in popular science writing. In the second half of the course, the students will form an editorial board and write at least three popular science articles about Utrecht life sciences research. The course is available for 4-10 students.

Previous issues of Master for life magazine can be found here.

13-9-2018 donderdag 11:00 15:00
20-9-2018 donderdag 13:15 17:00
4-10-2018 donderdag 13:15 17:00
18-10-2018 donderdag 13:15 17:00
1-11-2018 donderdag 13:15 17:00
22-11-2018 donderdag 13:15 17:00

Literature/study material 
You can apply for this course for 2018-2019 starting from July 1st and registration is on a "first come, first served" basis. Applications before July 1st will not be taken into account.
You can register via the Study Guide.The maximum number of participants is 10, with a minimum of 4.

Mandatory for students in own Master’s programme:
Optional for students in other GSLS Master’s programme:
Entry requirements
Required materials
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Themed session

Final result
Test weight100
Minimum grade5.5

Kies de Nederlandse taal