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Course module: BMB501717
Medical Image Formation
Course info
Course codeBMB501717
ECTS Credits5
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byFaculty of Medicine; Graduate School of Life Sciences; Medical Imaging;
Contact persondr. ir. L.W. Bartels
Telephone+31 88 7558735
Contactperson for the course
dr. ir. L.W. Bartels
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Teaching period
MASTER  (20/08/2018 to 17/08/2019)
Teaching period in which the course begins
Time slot-: Not in use
Study mode
Remark10 Sep - 9 Nov 2018. Apply via the Study guide
Course application processadministratie onderwijsinstituut
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesYes
Waiting listNo
Course placement processadministratie onderwijsinstituut
After completing the course the student:
  1. knows the basic physics behind the most commonly used clinical imaging modalities;
  2. is able to optimize acquisition parameter settings for certain basic applications;
  3. knows the safety issues associated with the different imaging modalities;
  4. is able to recognize and explain the most common imaging artifacts related to the different modalities;
  5. knows the key areas of application of the different modalities.
Period (from – till): 10 September 2018 - 9 November 2018

Course coordinator: Wilbert Bartels
Lecturers Wilbert Bartels, UMC Utrecht/Imaging Division, lecturer
Dr. Arnold Schilham, UMC Utrecht/Imaging Division, lecturer Roel Deckers, UMC Utrecht/Imaging Division, lecturer Bastiaan van Nierop, UMC Utrecht/Imaging Division, lecturer
Renée Allebrandi, MA (course registration)
Course description
In this course the physics behind the most important medical imaging modalities will be treated. After an introductory lecture, x-ray imaging (radiography, fluoroscopy, digital subtraction angiography, computed tomography), ultrasound, nuclear imaging techniques (SPECT & PET) and magnetic resonance imaging will be discussed. The increasing importance of medical imaging for guiding surgery and minimally invasive radiological interventions will be emphasized. During the course, representative problems will be handed out and discussed.

Literature/study material used:
“The essential Physics of medical Imaging”, authors: Bushberg, Boone, Leidholdt and seibert; 3rd revised edition ISBN-10: 1451118104
“Basic Principles of MR Imaging”; published by Philips Nederland (to be purchased from the Education Coordinator)

Apply at least 2 weeks before start of the course. Register via the study guide.
Mandatory for students in Master’s programme:
Yes, for MIMG students.

Optional for students in other GSLS Master’s programme:

Prerequisite knowledge:
A BSc in
  • (applied) physics
  • (applied) mathematics
  • computer science
  • biomedical engineering
  • science major of University College Utrecht
  • electrical engineering
  • or similar degree
Entry requirements
Required materials
Instructional formats



Final result
Test weight100
Minimum grade5.5

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