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Course module: BMB501103
Biology of Disease - Infection and Immunity
Course info
Course codeBMB501103
ECTS Credits3
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byFaculty of Medicine; Graduate School of Life Sciences; Infection and Immunity;
Contact persondr. K.D. Denzer
Contactperson for the course
dr. K.D. Denzer
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Teaching period
MASTER  (20/08/2018 to 17/08/2019)
Teaching period in which the course begins
Time slot-: Not in use
Study mode
Remark10-21 sept 2018. For GSLS students except I&I. Maximum number of participants 30
Course application processadministratie onderwijsinstituut
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesNo
Waiting listNo
Course placement processadministratie onderwijsinstituut
After completing the course the student is able to:
  1. apply basic immunology knowledge in order to explain clinical signs of patients with primary immunodeficiencies;
  2. describe the principles of role of dendritic cells in starting the specific immune response, their receptor composition and is able to apply this to tumor immunology and infectious diseases;
  3. name cells of the innate immune response, their place in evolution of the immune system and their role in hyperreactions against non-infectious material;
  4. name the basic principles of transplantation, especially the clinical aspects and problems as well as therapeutical options linked to bone marrow /stem cell transplantation;
  5. describe the basics of tolerance induction and can discuss the multiple factors involved in the development of autoimmune diseases based on the available literature;
  6. describe the replication cycle of HIV, in detail and can apply the knowledge about primary infection, latency and reactivationin the context of (future) treatment options;
  7. describe the principles of pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis and the clinical signs associated and can propose a promising target for future therapy;
  8. describe the concepts of pathogenesis of meningitis and sepsis and the role of pattern recognition receptors and cytokines in this process.
Period (from – till): 10 September 2018 - 21 September 2018
Course coordinator: Dr. K. Denzer

Course description
Starting with clinical cases, the pathophysiology of infectious and immune diseases will be presented. New concepts and therapies will be discussed. To obtain credits (3 EC) several short presentations have to be given and active participation is required.
Introductory lectures on the topic of the day will be followed by self-study (mainly in groups) and tutorials in which participants will present the results of their peers.
Topics include:
  • Clinical case studies on primary immunodeficiencies and infections.
  • Dendritic cells and their central role in starting specific immune responses
  • Transplantation – clinical aspects, transplantation problems
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Viro-immunological aspects of herpesviridae infections & associated diseases
  • Pathology of hyperactivity of the innate immune response
  • Meningitis – Sepsis – two sides of a coin
  • Patients and pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis
  • (might be topics for change)
Literature/study material
  • Primary literature
  • Useful books for self-study (not mandatory):
    • Immunology, Kuby et al. 7th edition, 2013, W.H. Freeman & Company
    • Robbins – Pathologic Basic of Disease, 9th edition
    • Schaechter’s Mechanisms of Microbial Disease
Information needed:
  • Course name
  • Name
  • BMS programme
  • email adres
  • Information on background knowledge in the field of I&I
Send this information before half august to
Later admittance to the course is only possible, if participant number restriction and previous knowledge of the candidate does allow it.

Mandatory for students in own Master’s programme:
For BoD students: This course is one of the specific BoD-courses. Additional to the mandatory Kick off course, BoD students should accomplish 12 EC with specific (cardiovascular) BoD courses. 
Optional for students in other GSLS Master’s programme:
Prerequisite knowledge:
Basic knowledge of immunology & microbiology at the level of Alberts – Molecular Biology of the Cell (5th ed) - chapter 24 + 25
Entry requirements
Prerequisite knowledge
Basic knowledge of immunology and microbiology at the level of Alberts: Molecular Biology of the Cell (5th ed) - chapter 24 + 25
Required materials
Instructional formats
Core lecture

Group assignment




Final result
Test weight100
Minimum grade5.5

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