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Cursus: BMB429006
Radiation Safety 5B
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (ECTS)2
Categorie / NiveauM (Master)
Aangeboden doorFaculteit Geneeskunde; Graduate School of Life Sciences; Graduate School of Life Sciences, fac. GNK;
ContactpersoonN.A. Koning, MSc
MASTER  (21-08-2017 t/m 18-08-2018)
Timeslot-: Niet van toepassing
OpmerkingCursus mag alleen gedaan worden in het kader van de elective component.
Aanmeldingsprocedureadministratie onderwijsinstituut
Inschrijven via OSIRISNee
Inschrijven voor bijvakkersNee
Plaatsingsprocedureadministratie onderwijsinstituut
Knowledge and insight into
  1. Atomic structure and radioactive decay
  2. Interaction of radiation and matter
  3. Dose calculation and shielding
  4. Biological effects of radiation
  5. Laws and regulations
  6. Risks on internal contamination
  1. Practical radiation protection for open sources
  2. Radiation measurements
Period (from – till):  Several times a year. The exact dates will be published on the website of TU Delft.
W.F. Wiersma, PhD, head of the training centre/tutor in Utrecht, NCSV

Course description
This course can be followed in English and in Dutch. Go to  the website for detailed information.

The radiation safety course 5B level is open to MSc students who need it for their research project. You must have permission from your supervisor and your programme coordinator.
Please note: Because this course is expensive, you need to fill the rest of your elective component with modules which are free of extra costs. The costs of the radiation safety course at level 4B will not be reimbursed.

The course Health Physics expert level 5B is meant for radiation experts in situations where radioactive sources with a low risk of exposure are used. The course offers a useful introduction in working with ionizing radiation for all kinds of radiation workers, such as laboratory personnel, technical staff, medical personnel and workers in industry. Because of the diversity in work environment of the participants, the course will not focus on one specific radioisotope.
A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is used for this course. Participants will have to study before the start of the training. This can be done independently and all students are fee to choose their own study moments.
The course level 5B is open to MSc students who will have to work with radioactive material during their research project. You must have permission from your supervisor and your program coordinator.
The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. After passing this exam, you will receive the certificate Health Physics expert level 5B and are allowed to work independently with radioisotopes.
More information: click here

The courses will be taught at the Ornstein Laboratory, Princetonplein 1, De Uithof, Utrecht.
Literature/study material
Practical Radiation Protection (J. van den Eijnde, M. Schouwenburg)
(in the course fee included)

To register:
1. Fill in the General application form for electives;

After approval fill in the from below of the TU Delft
2. Form of the TU Delft

Mandatory for GSLS students.

Optional for students from other GSL Master's programmes:

Prerequisite knowledge:
The course is based on participants with a technical, medical or scientific education on university level. A good knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics is necessary.
Een vooropleiding op HBO-niveau in een medische, technische of natuurwetenschappelijke richting.
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