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Course module: BMB150117
Introduction to Matlab
Course infoSchedule
Course codeBMB150117
ECTS Credits1.5
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionDutch, English
Offered byFaculty of Medicine; Graduate School of Life Sciences; Neuroscience and Cognition;
Contact persondr. M.A.H. Raemaekers
dr. M.A.H. Raemaekers
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Contactperson for the course
dr. M.A.H. Raemaekers
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Teaching period
MASTER  (20/08/2018 to 17/08/2019)
Teaching period in which the course begins
Time slot-: Not in use
Study mode
Course application processadministratie onderwijsinstituut
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesYes
Waiting listNo
Course placement processadministratie onderwijsinstituut
After finishing this course, the student can:
  1. Learn about the matlab environment, its programming language and how to use it to solve problems related to neuroscience.
  2. Use matlab (or its toolboxes) to solve a real-life neuroscience problem.
  3. Translate a neuroscience problem to matlab programming language.
  4. Provide Matlab solutions for two specific neuroscience problems. 
  5. Associate the examples given in class with real-life problems related to other courses or internships.
  6. Be able to interpret, translate, troubleshooting and solve matlab problems in an efficient manner.
  7. Master the Matlab environment and learn how to look for help documents, and/or existing solutions, and/or how to use toolboxes.
Period (from - till): 6 March 2019 - 17 April 2019
Spread over 7 sessions as specified below.

Mariana P. Branco, UMCU, BCRM, Department Neurosurgery and Neurology
Yuliya Berezutskaya,  UMCU, BCRM, Department Neurosurgery and Neurology

Course description 
This course introduces computer programming in MATLAB to those with little to no previous MATLAB or programming experience. In this course the basics of programming syntax, loops and functions is given. Additionally, Matlab is introduced as a potential tool to solve basic neuroscience problems involving signal analysis, plotting and statistics. Lastly, this course also teaches how to do troubleshooting, debugging, and use specific external toolboxes. The student must have a laptop with an installation of MATLAB 2018a or later. Matlab licenses are free for  all UU students. Detailed instructions on installing the program can be found here: Installation can take some time, so please be sure to have it done before the start of the course.

Literature/study material used:
All course related information including slides, exercises and assignments will be made available using Google Drive links. Every week a link for the material will be sent by email before each session. Please check and download the content of each session before hand.

Course Design:
7 Sessions on Wednesdays from 13.00 – 15.00 (see dates and locations below).
Each session contains theoretical explanations (50%) and practical exercises (50%). Per topic, the theoretical introduction is given by one of the instructors and is followed by practical exercises. Every session a list of extra exercises will be provided. The student is free to solve these exercises and ask questions during the following sessions.
Assessment (1.5 EC):
Students will be asked to complete 2 assignments (70% final grade) and a final multiple choice test (30% final grade).
Session 1        Matlab basics: vectors and matrices             Mariana/Julia
Session 2        Control flow (if-statements, loops)                Mariana/Julia
Session 3        Functions, errors                                          Mariana/Julia
Assignment 1 (deadline: Session 4)
Session 4        Intro to data analysis and statistics                Mariana/Julia
Session 5        Loading, visualizing and saving data             Mariana/Julia
Session 6        Advanced topics & Toolboxes                        Mariana/Julia
Assignment 2 (deadline: Session 7)
Session 7        Test (30 minutes) + Hands-on tutorial            Mariana/Julia
Dates and location for the course:
06-03-2019 - 13:00-15:00 - STRAT - Geel
13-03-2019 - 13:00-15:00 - HVDB 4.52
20-03-2019 - 13:00-15:00 - HVDB 2.03
27-03-2019 - 13:00-15:00 - HVDB 2.79
03-04-2019 - 13:00-15:00 - HVDB 2.03
10-04-2019 - 13:00-15:00 - HVDB 2.79
17-04-2019 - 13:00-15:00 - HVDB 2.03

Please register via the studyguide. Any questions can be asked to Mariana Branco (

Mandatory for students in Master’s programme:

Registration open for students from other programme's:

Prerequisite knowledge
Entry requirements
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Final result
Test weight100
Minimum grade5.5

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