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Course module: B-MBIGDC
Global Design Challenge
Course info
Course codeB-MBIGDC
Course goals
At the end of the course students should be able to:
-       jointly design an innovation (product, process or system) using the ‘Challenge to Biology Design’ cycle.
-       Collaborate in a team with different roles and responsibilities
-       give and receive feedback on role performance, responsibilities, and output.
-       persuasively communicate a bio inspired innovation to an expert jury in both a video as well as a pitch
-       comprehensively report the innovation (product, process or system) using the guidelines of the biomimicry global design challenge.
The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge (BGDC) is a challenge, hosted in partnership by the Biomimicry institute and the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. It is an annual competition that invites university students and professionals to address critical sustainability issues with nature-inspired solutions and is open to students and professionals anywhere in the world.
During the course, you will design an innovation (product, process, or system) as part of the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. You will work in a group with 4-5 students to produce a scientifically substantiated report (Design brief) and a short video-report on the innovation. Moreover, you will practice how to persuasively present the innovation in a 3-minute pitch
If you make it to the Finals of the BGDC you can use the electives or your Minor Research Project to go from a conceptual design to a proof of concept or even a demonstrator(TRL 2 and 3).
Mandatory for students in Master’s programme: No, but we strongly recommend BII students to participate
Optional for students in other Master’s programmes GSLS: No
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