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Course module: 201900076
Advanced Research Methods and Statistics for Psychology: Experimental Psychology
Course info
Course code201900076
Course goals
  • Understanding of research methods and multivariate analysis techniques used in psychological research
  • Being able to read scientific articles containing a detailed description of psychological research
  • Being able to perform analyses in SPSS and to interpret the output given by SPSS in the light of the research question
This course has a general part for all psychology students, and a track-specific part. The general part is thaught at the same time and together with students from the other 3 psychology tracks. After the general part the 4 tracks separate into the track-specific parts.

General part - content
The topics covered are: multiple regression, moderator and mediator effects, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, and repeated measures analysis of variance and mixed designs. Every topic will be discussed in the context of psychological research. The goals of studying the different statistical techniques include being able to execute, understand and correctly interpret these techniques, but also include developing the ability to critically review psychological research articles and reflect on strengths and possible weaknesses in design, data, analyses, reporting of results, and/or conclusions drawn from the results.
Track Cognitive Psychology- content
In the Cognitive Psychology track, students follow lectures and practicals where the students gain insight in analyses which are used in, among others, psychophysical tests and single case studies. There are three topics, each covered in a lecture, practical, and test. The topics are ‘Know your data’, ‘Signal Detection Theory’, and ‘Single case studies’.
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