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Cursus: 201700814
Academic Professional Clinical Psychology
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Studiepunten (ECTS)5
Categorie / NiveauM (Master)
CursustypeCursorisch onderwijs
Aangeboden doorFaculteit Sociale Wetenschappen; Graduate School Sociale Wetenschappen; Clinical Psychology;
ContactpersoonL.C. Sternheim, PhD
Contactpersoon van de cursus
L.C. Sternheim, PhD
Overige cursussen docent
L.C. Sternheim, PhD
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Overige cursussen docent
dr. A.D. Williams, PhD
Overige cursussen docent
1-2  (03-09-2018 t/m 01-02-2019)
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The course is taught in English.
The course takes place only on Wednesdays.

The goal of this course is to help students develop into scientist-practitioners, whereby they will learn to integrate their scientific background and skills in daily clinical practice. At the end of this course students should be able to reflect on ethical dilemmas both in research and everyday clinical settings, be able to critically evaluate the literature in the field and discriminate between empirical and unsupported claims, integrate knowledge of basic processes (e.g., effective communication) and apply this understanding to their own professional work (i.e., in their internship), reflect on the practical and ethical consequences of adopting new health care strategies, identify the barriers and challenges of translating research findings into practice, and critically appraise their own professional responsibilities as future researchers or practitioners in the field of Clinical Psychology.

Relation between assessment and objective
The course learning objectives will be assessed through written and oral assignments that require integration of material presented in the lectures and working groups. These assignments will form the “portfolio”.
Students will be required to critically appraise the relevant literature and formulate arguments that support their position on topical issues in the field of Clinical Psychology.
This course is organized mainly by the department of Clinical Psychology (and some course elements are organised on faculty level [Faculty of Social Sciences]). The description below involves the Clinical Psychology (CP) Academic Professional course only.
The Academic Professional Clinical Psychology course focuses on the professional development of students. During this course various topical issues that are relevant to professionalism, scientific research and practice in Clinical Psychology are addressed. These issues relate to broader themes that students will encounter during their internship and thesis, and when working as a professional in the domain of Clinical Psychology.
Central themes for the course could include the following:
Ethics: How to recognize and reflect on ethical dilemmas on the work floor and to maintain professional and scientific integrity.
Reach and Participation: How to reach people who need psychological help and how to stimulate participation and adherence.
Professionalism in health care: How to keep academic knowledge up to date and practice according to sound ethical principles.
Critical scientific thinking: How to distinguish science from pseudoscience and how to recognize potentially harmful interventions.
Effective communication: How to convey evidence-based knowledge to patients/clients, the community, and policy-makers.
Professional career development.
Issues will be addressed in lectures that will provide both a theoretical orientation and an applied focus (i.e., providing students with examples from practice). Students are required to reflect critically on these topics and to consider the relevance of these issues for their own research work (in the context of their master's thesis) and practical work (in the context of their internship). The workshops will be interactive in nature (e.g., a debate or student presentation) and require active participation of students. Professional career development includes reflecting on required personal and professional skills (i.e., diagnostics) and attitudes.
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Fac. Lezingenreeks Ethiek & Integriteit

Take notice: you only have to attend two lectures. The lectures you are registered for you can find in your studentsmail. For information about the programme and procedures see Blackboard under “Lectures programme’


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Relevant literature

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Training 1

Training 2


Voorbereiding bijeenkomsten
Relevant literature and related assignments.

Bijdrage aan groepswerk
Assignments and grading will consist of both individual and group work.

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