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Cursus: 201500816
Loss and Psychotrauma
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)5
Categorie / NiveauM (Master)
CursustypeCursorisch onderwijs
Aangeboden doorFaculteit Sociale Wetenschappen; Graduate School Sociale Wetenschappen; Clinical Psychology;
Contactpersoondr. H.A.W. Schut
Telefoon+31 30 2539092
VorigeVolgende 1
prof. dr. P.A. Boelen
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prof. dr. R.J. Kleber
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G.T.M. Mooren
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dr. H.A.W. Schut
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dr. H.A.W. Schut
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2  (12-11-2018 t/m 01-02-2019)
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OpmerkingBachelorstudenten kunnen zich niet inschrijven voor dit masteronderdeel.
Cursusinschrijving geopendvanaf 28-05-2018 08:00 t/m 24-06-2018
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The course is taught in English.

At the end of this course, students will have:

•Thorough knowledge of psychosocial problems occurring after major life events and their associated risk and protective factors.
•Thorough knowledge of relevant diagnostic and assessment methods and instruments.
•The knowledge and skills to approach the broad spectrum of psychological reactions to major life events from relevant theoretical perspectives and sound empirical knowledge, enabling them able to frame this knowledge in terms of societal relevance and in the context of clinical practice.
•The knowledge and skills to apply evidence-based intervention strategies and methods according to the principles of stepped care.

In both the essay and the written exam, the student will need to reproduce knowledge and demonstrate insight into theory and research findings, assessment instruments and diagnostic systems, as well as evidence-based psychological interventions. Furthermore, the student will have to show ability to connect and combine these topics and reflect critically on them, demonstrating the acquisition of a sound scientific position on the major issues relevant in the course.
Over the lifetime, almost every human being is confronted with more or less stressful life events: e.g. divorce, death of a loved one, sexual abuse, invalidating or life threating illnesses, and crime and violence. On a more global scale, one can think of war, natural or man-made disaster and forced migration. Such major life events usually cause substantial pain and suffering and can trigger psychological and physical problems. Although the majority of the people confronted with such events prove resilient and able deal with and recover from them without professional intervention, a substantial minority develops or threatens to develop complications can that be very serious and lead to psychological and physical disorders.

In the master course Loss and Psychotrauma, the consequences of major life events are considered in terms of their manifestations and course, risk and protective factors, and theoretical explanations. Their societal and clinical relevance are explored. The broad spectrum of normal and complicated reactions is addressed, covering roles lay persons, counselors and therapists can play in helping victims cope with such events. Based on evaluation of intervention efficacy studies, the possibilities and limitations of intervention will be critically appraised. During the course, diagnostic systems (e.g. DSM-5) and assessment instruments for posttraumatic stress disorders and complicated grief will be discussed. Several evidence-based interventions (e.g. CBT, EMDR) will be introduced and discussed too.
Je moet ingeschreven staan voor één van de volgende opleidingen:
- Applied Cognitive Psychology
- Arbeid, zorg en welzijn: beleid en interventie
- Arbeids- en organisatiepsychologie
- Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
- Clinical Child, Family and Education Studies
- Clinical Psychology
- Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship
- Educational Sciences
- Jeugdstudies
- Kinder- en jeugdpsychologie
- Klinische en Gezondheidspsychologie
- Maatschappelijke Opvoedingsvraagstukken
- Multiculturalisme in vergelijkend perspectief
- Neuropsychology
- Onderwijskundig ontwerp en advisering
- Orthopedagogiek
- Social Policy and Public Health
- Social, Health and Organisational Psychology
- Sociale en organisatiepsychologie
- Sociale psychologie
- Sociology: Contemporary Social Problems
- Vraagstukken van beleid en organisatie
- Youth Studies
- Youth, Education and Society
Verplicht materiaal
Academic articles to be determined.
Begeleide en/of onbegeleide werkgroepen


Minimum cijfer5,5

Aspecten van academische vorming
Bestuderen en analyseren van informatie
Synthetiseren en structureren van informatie
Kennis hanteren in een bredere context
Onderzoeksvaardigheden integraal

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