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Course module: 200700268
Master's thesis
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Course code200700268
ECTS Credits30
Category / LevelM (Master)
Course typeMaster thesis
Language of instructionEnglish
Offered byFaculty of Social Sciences; Graduate School Sociale Wetenschappen; Development and Socialization in Childhood and Ado;
Contact personprof. dr. M. Dekovic
Telephone+31 30 2532983
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Teaching period
JAAR  (31/08/2020 to 27/08/2021)
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After finishing the thesis, the students are able to:
• identify a coherent set of research questions and hypotheses, embedded in theory and current literature;
• understand ethical norms in conducting research, analyzing and storing the data and reporting;
• design a method to examine research questions;
• analyze the data by using appropriate statistical tools;
• draw conclusions based on the results, link own findings to the broader literature, and identify limitations of own work;
• write a scientific report in the form of a journal article
• give a short informative presentation on their research project

Relation between Tests and Learning Goals
In the final product (MA thesis) all the above aims should be realized.
Writing a master's thesis is a major objective of the second year of the DaSCA program. The Master’s thesis is the critical and final test of this program. It is written in the form of a research article for an international scholarly journal, and is supervised by staff members who are senior fellows in the various research programs participating in the DaSCA. The thesis is defended during the Thesis Defence at the end of the second year.
Entry requirements
You must meet the following requirements
  • Enrolled for a degree programme of faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Completed all course modules listed below
    • DaSCA09A Research seminar I (201000188)
Prerequisite knowledge
DASCA course 1 to 9.
Required materials
Instructional formats

Master's thesis
Test weight100
Minimum grade5.5

Kies de Nederlandse taal