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Knowledge-intensive process analysis
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5

On successful completion of this course, students:

  1. Understand the role of knowledge within business processes
  2. Are able to perform knowledge elicitation from an expert in practice
  3. Are able to model organizational structure and task structure using BPM
  4. Are able to model facts and rules for a task in Prolog
  5. Are able to implement a working knowledge system in Prolog
  6. Are able to analyze the position and implications of a knowledge system within the business process, including procedures for embedding a system in the organizational structure
  • Group project (50%)
  • Exam (50%)
This course is focused on the relation between data available within a business or organization and expert knowledge that is used to process this data in order to successfully complete tasks, such as diagnosing an illness, assessing damage to a product, monitor or schedule a manufacturing process, etc.

Two important aspects of knowledge-based systems are covered by the course: knowledge elicitation and organizational modeling.

In the group project, students implement a functional knowledge system using a real-world expert for knowledge elicitation and process modeling.

Course format
  • Two 2-hour lectures per week
  • One 2-hour tutorial per week
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