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Course module: HHP2V17001
Good at Humanities
Course info
Course codeHHP2V17001
Course goals
The general aim of the course is to develop a multidisciplinary perspective within the Humanities. This will be achieved through the following three sub-targets:
- broadening perspectives,
- deepening insight,
- reflection on the social relevance of the humanities.
By stimulating insights in the differences and commonalities among various disciplines, the course Good at Humanities aims to develop the student into a “good” humanities scholar. Through a juxtaposition of varying disciplinary approaches, the student will learn to identify boundaries, similarities, and contrasts between disciplines within the Humanities. Every week, the student will use self-selected texts to research a central course theme from a different disciplinary perspective, and discuss it in a student-led seminar. In addition, students will invite a guest lecturer to give a lecture on the course theme. To close the course, students reflect on the added value and relevance of a multidisciplinary perspective.  
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