Kies de Nederlandse taal
Course module: HHP1V17001
Honours Explorations: Introductory Course Humanities Honours Programme
Course info
Course codeHHP1V17001
Course goals
The aim of the course is to offer beginning students a profound insight into the foundations, most important developments and applications of their own discipline, but also into the specific way in which the discipline is offered in Utrecht. In addition, the aim is to help students think critically about the content of their own educational programme and to be able to apply these insights in a small research project.

The course consists of two parts. The first part, programmed in block 1, offers critical reflection on one's own discipline by means of literature, assignments and group discussion. It is organized per domain to which the student's bachelor belongs. The aim of this part of the course is to offer students insight into the boundaries, starting points and applications of the discipline that underlies their own study programme. In the second part of Explorations, the tutorial project, scheduled in block 2, the students choose, in smaller groups (or if desired and if possible individually), a specific project in which they can develop their own interest within their field of study. The form of this project is flexible, and is intended to support the Honours learning tracks. Students can, for example, opt for academic deepening, by doing extra research within a BA course of their regular study programme (which is part of the Specialisation, for example), or for multidisciplinary broadening or social engagement in a project complementary to the regular study programme. Students reach out to the tutorial supervisor in the first week of block 2 to discuss a first draft of the project.

Kies de Nederlandse taal