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Cursus: INFOMAI1
Artificial intelligence MSc thesis Part 1
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)14

After completing your thesis project, you will:

  • have advanced knowledge about a specific subject within AI
  • be able to findings on a specific subject within the broader, interdisciplinary field of AI
  • be able to independently perform a critical literature study
  • be able to formulate a research question of interest to AI and a plan/method to answer this research question
  • be able to perform scientific research according to a predetermined plan and a standard method within AI
  • be able to report the research findings in the form of a scientific thesis
  • be able to report the research findings by means of an oral presentation
Information about the AINM MSc thesis, consisting of
  1. the project proposal (INFOMAI1)
  2. the research part (INFOMAI2)
can be found here:
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