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Information security
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
Upon completion of the course, the student:
- Can explain and illustrate the main security properties such as confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, etc.
- Knows the fundamental security terminology that is essential to read security news, bulletins, and to apprehend advanced techniques
- Can recognize and explain the main attacks to computer and information security
- Knows the main security solutions and their underlying principles
- Can conduct risk analysis to determine the most adequate set of security solutions for a given context
- Can apply state-of-the-art techniques to design secure software systems, especially during the requirements engineering phase

The course will feature a tight interplay between theory and practice; the learned knowledge can be complemented with more advanced courses such as Security (focusing on cryptography)

* Assessment
The course includes four (4) graded components:
                1. Two group assignments (team size 4)
                                A1 [30%]: Risk assessment with CORAS
                                A2 [20%]: Analysis of unintended harms
                                                - 10% group work
                                                - 10% individual work
                2. Individual exams
                                - Midterm: 15% of the final grade
                                - Final: 35% of the final grade

In order for a student to pass, three conditions should hold
1) All mandatory components are taken
2) The weighted average of the exams (midterm and final) should be at least 6.0
3) The overall weighted average of all components should be at least 5.5

* How do I repair my grade?
- Overall average < 4.0 → No retake possible: not enough effort
- If exams average < 6.0  →  Retake final exam
- If exam ≥ 6.0 and overall average < 5.5 → hand in revision of A1 and/or A2 (discuss with coordinator)

* Literature
The following book is mandatory literature: van Oorschot, Paul C. "Computer Security and the Internet – Tools and Jewels from Malware to Bitcoin" Springer. 2021
Information Security is an English-taught course that provides the students with comprehensive, in-depth knowledge about information and computer security. This field is of importance for every individual: think of the privacy concerns when we are using social media, or consider the viruses and worms that endanger our computers. Moreover, security is crucial when it comes to organizations, which have to protect themselves from attackers aiming to spoil their reputation or to steal some trade secrets, have to train their own employees so that they act in accordance with security best practices and norms, and have to design software systems that are not harmful and that cannot be exploited by attackers.
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