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Course module: HHP2V17001
Being Good at Humanities
Course infoSchedule
Course codeHHP2V17001
ECTS Credits7.5
Category / LevelH2 (H2 (Bachelor Elaborating Honours))
Course typeCourse
Language of instructionDutch, English
Offered byFaculty of Humanities; BA Onderwijs Geesteswetenschappen; Ug School Geschiedenis en Kunstgeschiedenis;
Contact personA. Hacopian
Course contact
A. Hacopian
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P.M.R. Hulsenboom, MA
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H.B. Surma
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Teaching period
2  (14/11/2022 to 27/01/2023)
Teaching period in which the course begins
Time slotAE: AE
Study mode
RemarkOnly accessible to students admitted to the Humanities Honours Programme.
Enrolment periodfrom 30/05/2022 up to and including 24/06/2022
Course application processOsiris
Enrolling through OSIRISNo
Enrolment open to students taking subsidiary coursesNo
Waiting listNo
Course placement process(Sub)school
Course goals
The general aim of the course is to create more and better awareness of how a good humanities scholar works (inside and outside the university). This will be achieved through the following three sub-targets:
- broadening perspectives,
- deepening insight,
- inspire through good examples and from there reflect on our own role as a Humanities Scholar.
Being good at humanities is described from a threefold set of competencies of the good humanities scholar. The first is Skilled - distinguishable into five sub-competencies: Accurate - Skilled in languages - Developed/tasting - Multimedia - Culturally aware. The second is Audience-oriented: A good humanities scholar takes people into his/her field of study. The third is Responsible: the good humanities scholar has (indeed!) a task in society. All these 7 characteristics will be extensively reflected upon, and hopefully stimulated.
Entry requirements
You must meet the following requirements
  • Enrolled for a degree programme of faculty Faculty of Humanities
  • At least 1 of the courses below must have been passed
    • Toegang Honourscursussen HHP GW (GWHHP13001)
Prerequisite knowledge
In addition to a serious foundation in one's own study, the most important thing is: genuine, lively interest in what good humanities scholars do, and how this can inspire you!
Required materials
Yet to be specified
Instructional formats
Guest lecture


General remarks
In an interactive lecture one competency per week is treated. In groups, students discuss texts by humanities scholars/thinkers related to the theme. In Thursday's lectures, students interview a scientist from their own faculty who fits the competency of the week.

Students with insufficient command of Dutch will receive instruction in English in an extra group within this course. The content of this course may vary.

Class session preparation
Preparatory assignments at lectures; students are co-responsible for proposing texts and leading the discussion.

Contribution to group work

Test weight30
Minimum grade-

Test weight70
Minimum grade-

Assignment (fieldwork): the ability to perceive the presence of the Humanities in society and assess how they present themselves. Students work together in this assignment. Final product in multimedia form.
Paper: application of the knowledge from the lectures in an analysis of the work of a leading scientist in one's own field of study.

to be announced

Aspects of student academic development
Academic thinking, working and acting
Communication skills
Collaboration, working in a team
Knowledge leverage in a wider context
Working with scientific equipment

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