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Cursus: MCRMV16044
Ecologies of Curation
Cursus informatieRooster
Studiepunten (ECTS)5
Categorie / NiveauM (Master)
CursustypeCursorisch onderwijs
Aangeboden doorFaculteit Geesteswetenschappen; Utrecht Graduate School of Humanities; Domein Media- en Cultuurwetenschappen RMA;
Contactpersoondr. R. Dolphijn
Contactpersoon van de cursus
dr. R. Dolphijn
Overige cursussen docent
dr. R. Dolphijn
Overige cursussen docent
dr. L.W. Groot Nibbelink
Feedback en bereikbaarheid
Overige cursussen docent
2  (15-11-2021 t/m 28-01-2022)
TimeslotB: B (DI-ochtend, DO-middag, DO-namiddag)
Cursusinschrijving geopendvanaf 31-05-2021 09:00 t/m 27-06-2021 23:59
Inschrijven via OSIRISJa
Inschrijven voor bijvakkersJa
Na-inschrijving geopendvanaf 25-10-2021 09:00 t/m 26-10-2021 23:59
After completing this course, the student has developed a critical and historical understanding of curating and mediation in the field of media, contemporary art and performance. He or she has knowledge of key theories and ideas about curation and knows how to critically understand them. The student has learned how to analyse curatorial projects, approaches and methodologies and he or she has learned how to analyse a curatorial project in a creative and critical way.  
This course is for students in the RMA programmes Musicology, Art History, Gender Studies, NLC, CLS, MAPS and the EFMS programme. The entrance requirements for Exchange Students will be checked by International Office and the Programme coordinator. You do not have to contact the Programme coordinator by yourself.

Ecologies of curation entails the trans- and interdisciplinary study of the interaction between spectators, artworks/performances and the spatial, social and media environments wherein the objects and acts are staged, produced, situated. Taking the etymological roots of curating as ‘care-taking’ into account, we will explore how curators can and should respond to transformational practices that increasingly cross and bend institutional borders. How does curating produce the type of ecologies in which media, contemporary art and performance projects can actually perform their potential, and where acts of mediation, interfacing or staging function as accelerators of the perceptual and performative strategies that are embedded in these works? Next to investigating current trends in discourse in relation to their historical context, we will jointly visit and critically analyse several curatorial projects, addressing media, contemporary art and performance works but with a focus on trans- and cross-disciplinary approaches. Based on these various strands of research, students write a critical evaluation of a curatorial project of their own choosing and formulate an advise for the project, hereby actively addressing the relation between curation and art ecologies.

Aanvullende informatie
Career orientation:
Knowledge of curation in the field of media, art and performance. Knowledge of the curatorial profession and ways of working as well as curatorial strategies, approaches and methodologies. Knowledge of curatorial networks and institutional ways of working within several ecologies of curation.
Je moet voldoen aan de volgende eisen
  • Minimaal 1 van de onderstaande cursussen moet(en) zijn behaald
    • Mastercursussen Geesteswetenschappen (200501100)
This course presupposes knowledge of history and theory of art, media and performance on bachelor level.
Voorkennis kan worden opgedaan met
For instance courses belonging to a Bachelor in Art History; Bachelor in Media and Culture; Bachelor in Theatre Studies, Bachelor in Film and Television Studies; Bachelor in Language and Culture.
Bronnen van zelfstudie
- Terry Smith, Thinking Contemporary Curating, Independent Curators International, 2012, New York.
- Rugg, Judith and Michèle Sedgwick, Issues in Curating Contemporary Art and Performance, Intellect 2007.
- Graham Beryl, New Collecting: Exhibiting and Audiences after New Media Art, Ashgate publishing, 2014.
- Obrist, Ways of Curating, Penguin, 2014.
Verplicht materiaal
Aanbevolen materiaal
To be announced in course manual
Kosten materiaal:50,00

The course starts with an introduction on issues concerning the so called curatorial turn in media, art and performance and ecologies of curation. After this, students will analyse and discuss assigned readings and case studies in the seminar meetings. They will investigate how curatorial approaches, theories, criticisms and methodologies can help them in formulating their own creative and critical approach to curation. There will be several excursions and guest lecturers.

Voorbereiding bijeenkomsten
Students will read the assigned readings, adequately prepare for the discussions, prepare questions for guest lecturers, curators and other professionals, and prepare peer feedback. Students will be asked to make small assignments.

Bijdrage aan groepswerk
Active participation during the meetings, active participation during the discussions, presentations and peer feedback.

Minimum cijfer5,5

Clarity and consistency of analysis and argumentation; quality of dealing with theoretical frameworks in the analysis; active reflection on ecologies of curation, in a manner that evidences precise, nuanced and critical thinking.

To be announced in the course manual.

Minimum cijfer-

Critical understanding of curatorial theories, approaches, methodologies and ideas on curation in the field of media, art and performance. The ability to use theories and tools for analysis in concrete cases.

Deadlines will be announced at the start of the course. Students will receive a comprehensive course manual.

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