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Cursus: GE2V19002
Big Questions, Big Data. Researching societies in transition.
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
  • Critically reflect how (quantitative) historical data can be used and presented to contribute to historiographical debates;
  • Formulate a research question with sub-questions;
  • Select the most relevant sources, methods, and visualization techniques to answer their research question;
  • Deliver a formal group presentation about their research results
  • Formulate constructive feedback on the work of other students, and receive and incorporate feedback from others into their own work;
  • Work in a team to plan and execute a group research project;
  • Effectively use spreadsheet software.
This course aims to familiarize history students with quantitative research as well as with the use of (large) historical datasets. Students will work in small groups to write their own research reports, in which they analyse a particular economic or social historical development in a geographical location of their choice based on quantitative data. The mandatory literature and lectures are intended to inspire students’ own research. These will show how other historians answer their research questions by using quantitative analyses, and what the benefits and pitfalls of such methods are. In addition, the lectures and articles will link the results to relevant debates on one of the most influential historical changes in society: the process of industrialization and its economic, social and ecological consequences.
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