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Master Thesis Research Master
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An RMA thesis is a scholarly text in which you are expected to contribute, on the basis of independent research, to a debate within your discipline. It should be structured around a central research question (set out in the introductory sections) to which it provides an answer (set out in the conclusion).
The central research question, to be determined in consultation with your thesis supervisor, should be clearly formulated at the beginning and its relevance to scholarly discussions within the discipline set out. The body of the text should explicate and defend your approach, your findings, and your overall argument in favor of your central claims. In your conclusion you should analyze your findings in the light of your original question and explain the broader implications of your conclusions.
The thesis should be written in correct and clear English. It will normally be 16.000 to 32.000 words long and may not exceed 40.000 words (including notes and bibliography).
The final version of the thesis is due at the end of the 9th week of block 4.  An oral examination of the thesis (the “viva”) will be held approximately two weeks later, involving the student and a committee of three examiners.
As part of the thesis writing process, students participate in two workshops in which their plans for the thesis and a draft of a chapter are discussed.
More information is available in the RMA Philosophy Thesis Handbook, via Blackboard.
Kies de Nederlandse taal