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Course module: FRRMV16020
Current Issues in Analytic Philosophy
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Course codeFRRMV16020
Course goals
The aims of this course are:(1) To get a firm grip on the core problems of metaethics, and their main solutions;(2) To develop one’s skills of critically analyzing arguments and positions in metaethics;(3) To develop one’s ability to construct new arguments and positions in metaethics;(4) To develop one’s writing skills and one’s mastery of English;(5) Enhancing one’s debating skills.
This course will address a central topic in recent work in philosophy in the Analytic tradition.
The topic for 2017-18 is "Evolution and Disagreement: Debunking in Ethics and Religion.”
Both disagreements and evolutionary accounts of their origins raise skeptical challenges for moral and religious beliefs. Three different topics will be covered by the seminar: (1) implications of moral and religious disagreement; (2) conflicts between religious and non-religious sources of moral beliefs; (3) evolutionary debunking of moral and religious beliefs. Evolution and Disagreement. Debunking in Ethics and Religion

 This course is for Students History and Philosophy of Science, RMA Philosophy and MA Applied Ethics. Students of other MA-programmes, please contact the Course Coordinator. 
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