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Course module: FRRMV16018
Research Internship in Philosophy
Course info
Course codeFRRMV16018
EC5 - 10
Course goals
The goals of a research internship are:
• to become familiar with possible research professions and to participate in the process of doing philosophical research within an organization or research project;
• to gain experience applying the knowledge and/or skills learned during your studies in a practical context;
• to expand your mastery of methods and knowledge employed in the context of the research.
In a research internship, you either carry out research on behalf of an organization or active participation in research project, typically at Utrecht University.  Typically, this involves doing archival research, assisting in the preparation of a grant application, helping to prepare a manuscript, book or special issue for publication, or surveying philosophical literature as part of a research project. Other activities are possible.  The area of the research should broadly philosophical and a clear research component, as assessed by the internship instructor. The specific tasks are specified, before the start of the course, in a workplan.
Internships always involve two supervisors: the “internship supervisor” (in the case of research internships, the person which whose research you are assisting) and the “internship instructor” (stagedocent) (another staff member in the RMA Philosophy programme), who is responsible for (1) ensuring that the internship activities meet the objectives of an academic internship and (2) determining the final grade, in consultation with the internship supervisor.  You will work closely with the internship supervisor throughout the internship and check in periodically with the internship instructor regarding your progress. A concluding meeting of you, the internship instructor, and the internship instructor to discuss the final report is recommended by not required.

Evaluation is on the basis of the quality of the “research deliverable(s)” produced as part of the internship, the assessment of the internship supervisor of your on-the-job performance, and an internship report you submit documenting your activities and reflecting one what you have learned from the experience.

More information can be found in the RMA Philosophy Programme Book and in the “Internship Regulations: Guidebook for Students” (see )
Kies de Nederlandse taal