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Course module: AEMV16007
Sustainable World: Humans, Animals and Nature
Course info
Course codeAEMV16007
Course goals
At the end of the course the student:
a. Understands and is able to describe and evaluate the normative dimensions of sustainability;
b. Has knowledge of and insight in the theories from ethics and political philosophy that are necessary to understand and analyze the debates on sustainability:
     - Has a basic knowledge and understanding of a number of
       the central concepts and theoretical positions in animal
       and nature ethics;
     - Is familiar with and has insight in the normative
       background of the human rights framework and their
       potential relevance of that framework for sustainability
c. Is able to integrate the various normative questions  and can relate these to applied public or scientific debates on sustainability;
d. Is able to make clear and adequate contributions to public and scientific debates on sustainability.     
The notion that one should strive for a sustainable world seems widespread. Nonetheless, making this ambition operational appears to be rather complicated in practice, and implies many normative decisions. For instance, the need to address climate change-related problems is widely acknowledged. At the same time this acknowledgement does not automatically result in clear guidelines of how to deal with questions of food production for 9 billion people in 2050, the use of animals or the freedom to travel around the globe during holidays. 
This course starts with these questions in the debate on sustainability and subsequently deals with their normative background. It focusses on the relation between assumptions at the level of ethical and political theory and applied questions of sustainability. The course deals with problems of sustainability as a normative issue that has direct implications for our dealing with humans, animals, and nature. Therefore, it includes elements from animal ethics and nature ethics, and discusses the relevance of the human rights framework, the problem of uncertainty and political and institutional questions in the context of sustainability.  

You have to be enrolled for Applied Ethics. Other students need to contact the course-coördinator Frank Meijboom.
The entrance requirements for Exchange Students will be checked by International Office and the Programme coördinator. Therefore, you do not have to contact the Programme coördinator yourself.
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