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Course module: AEMV16005
Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine
Course info
Course codeAEMV16005
Course goals
Upon completion of this course participants have the ability to:
• to recognize and critically analyse ethical issues in medicine and public health;
• to understand the major frameworks of ethical analysis and practical tools in biomedical and public health ethics for assessing these issues;
• to explain how particular arguments are related to more general normative ethical theories;
• to explain how technological developments play a role in the moral debate;
• to adopt a clear position on a chosen ethical issue and to substantiate it (in a paper).
Is euthanasia of demented patients in a progressed state morally permissible? Do we have a moral duty to develop and use enhancement technologies? What should government, industry and individuals do in order to tackle problems like obesity? Biomedical ethics is an interesting and complex branch of applied ethics. At the start of the course students will choose a specific ethical issue for an in-depth analysis. They will work during the course on this issue and scrutinize arguments in order to develop a well-argued viewpoint or position resulting in a paper. During the course we will study the theoretical approaches, concepts, arguments and methods in medical ethics and philosophy of medicine necessary to identify, analyse and understand ethical issues and to find justifiable approaches to these issues.

Career orientation: Students will learn what type of roles ethicists in the field of health care ethics play and the type of expertise needed. The achieved knowledge and skills are useful for a professional career in health care organizations as well academic ethics centers.

You have to be enrolled for Applied Ethics. Other students need to contact the course-coördinator Ineke Bolt.
The entrance requirements for Exchange Students will be checked by International Office and the Programme coördinator. Therefore, you do not have to contact the Programme coördinator yourself.
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