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Cursus: NS-TP529M
Field theory in particle physics
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
  1. understands principles of global and local symmetry and can construct locally symmetric actions through covariant derivatives
  2. can apply different gauge fixing choices, and understands the role of ghost fields and can draw and compute Feynman diagrams for a variety of Lagrangians
  3. can use perturbation theory to estimate scattering amplitudes and cross sections and understands the notion of hidden symmetry
  4. can compute the number of Goldstone bosons for a variety of symmetry breaking situations; can derive the Higgs mechanism; can compute gauge boson masses
  5. understands the construction of the Standard Model, and how electroweak interactions are described by it
  6. understands how Quantum Chromodynamics in included in the Standard Model, and how asymptotic freedom works
  7. can compute loop corrections in Feynman diagrams and comprehends both the notion and the practical application of renormalization theory
This is an interuniversity course. At the UvA the course is listed with the title: Particles and Fields. In this course we investigate the structure and manifestations of (non-abelian) gauge theories. The Standard Model is an example, but we will often take a more general view. We begin with a general discussion of global and local symmetries, and the construction of non-abelian gauge theories. Then we discuss their quantization: gauge-fixing, ghosts and Feynman rules. The enables a treatment of renormalization, the property of asymptotic freedom, and the decoupling of heavy degrees of freedom. We then discuss some applications for Quantum Chromodynamics at the one-loop level. This is followed by an in-depth treatment of spontaneous symmetry breaking for both global and local symmetries, and the Higgs mechanism. The Standard Model is introduced, and some of its phenomenology is discussed. When time permits, the course will be concluded by a discussion of chiral anomalies, and some outlook beyond the Standard Model.

 6-2                      Amsterdam, 11-13
13-2                     Amsterdam, 11-13
20-2                     Amsterdam, 11-13
27-2                     Amsterdam, 11-13
 6-3                      Amsterdam, 11-13
13-3                     Amsterdam, 11-13              
20-3                     Amsterdam, 11-13
27-3  No class [UvA examenweek]
 3-4                      Utrecht, 10-13
10-4                     Midterm
17-4                     Utrecht, 10-13
24-4                     Utrecht, 10-13
 1-5                      Utrecht, 10-13
 8-5                      Utrecht, 10-13
15-5                     Utrecht, 10-13                     
22-5  No class 
29-5                     Utrecht, 10-13
 5-6                      Utrecht, 10-13                     Last lecture
Midterm exam: Wednesday 10 April, 10.00-12.00. 
Final exam: Wednesday June 12,  10.00-13.00, . 
Retake exam: Wednesday July 3, 9.00-12.00
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