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Cursus: MCMV17005
Urban Mobile Media: The Myth and Messiness of Connectivity
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)5
In this course you will learn to report on research results in both oral and written form, to position yourself academically and develop an original approach to question, analyze and reflect on mobile/social media in relation to city life. The aim of the course is to enhance your theoretical understanding of the main issues at stake in the emerging field of urban new media; identify dominant approaches in this field (academic, but also policy, industry and civic initiatives); develop an original research approach for your individual assignment and matching methodology; present your results in written and oral form according to academic standards; and acquire insight into the job market through for instance a guest lecture or event visit.
In a relatively short timespan our communication patterns and computing habits have been ‘mobilized’. Mobile and social media have rapidly become part and parcel of urban life. They shape how we live, work, travel, spend leisure time, and meet. This has profound consequences for our sense of place, social relationships, and our sense of self.
Moreover, digital media technologies today are part of the infrastructures, practices, and institutional arrangements on which urban life itself is based. So-called “smart cities” experiment with digital media, like sensors, data, the internet of things and social media dashboards, to help improve urban life. In this course we focus on this amalgamation of telecommunications devices, portable computational devices, and smart and connected objects in urban settings. We investigate how the social is mobilized, and at the same time how mobile media are tied to urban places, situations and developments.
Students develop an in-depth understanding of the ways mobile/social media technologies shape urban life. They become familiar with main themes, concepts and approaches in the multidisciplinary field of urban new media research, and with adjacent fields of research.

Career orientation:
The course will invite guest speakers, stimulate visiting  relevant cultural events, and train professional communicative skills during assignments.
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