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Cursus: GEO4-1403
Petrological and Geochemical Evolution of the Earth
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
  • Gain knowledge about the geochemical and petrological evolution of the Earth throughout its entire history from the Hadean to recent times;
  • Learn how to interpret textural, mineralogical, chemical and isotopic data from igneous and sedimentary rocks collected from ancient environments;
  • Discuss scientific literature and learn how to critically assess and evaluate competing arguments.
  1. Introduction to geochemical and isotopic tracers in the Earth Sciences;
  2. Birth of the Earth. Earth accretion and the Moon separation event. Solar system volcanism. Short lived radiogenic isotope systems. Geochronology;
  3. Origin of terrestrial plate tectonics: the magmatic and geochemical perspective. Komatiites. TTGs. Subduction versus sagduction. Consequences of a high T mantle and thick thermal lithospheric lid;
  4. First evidence for life on Earth. The first igneous and sedimentary rock. The earliest atmosphere and oceans;
  5. Whiff's of Oxygen in the Archean. Great oxygenation event. Advanced stable isotope geochemistry;
  6. Catastrophic continental magmatic events. Eruption mechanisms, plume crust interactions and volatile emissions);
  7. Present day volcanic hazards. Acidic crater lakes and eruption styles.
The course will help to develop the following transferable skills:
  • Ability to work in a team- Presentations within a group;
  • Written communication skills- abstract and essay writing;
  • Problem-solving skills- exercises in practical classes;
  • Verbal communication skills- presentations;
  • Initiative- literature investigations;
  • Analytical/quantitative skills- exercises in practical classes;
  • Technical skills- petrography classes and rock and mineral identification skills.
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