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Course moduleBrief name
Course type
Starting blockTimeslotFaculty
TLRMV16210Aesthetics of the PosthumanCourseM4DGW5 ECTS
TLMV16102Authorship as entrepeneurshipCourseM1A, CGW5 ECTS
TLMV16013Case study Dutch literatureCourseM2DGW5 ECTS
TLMV14312Communication and OrganizationCourseM1AGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16303Comparative Dutch StudiesCourseM3AGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16101Comparative PsycholinguisticsCourseM1BGW5 ECTS
TLMV16011Contemporary French LiteratureCourseM2BGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16201Core Theories and Current DebatesCourseM1DGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16304Core Theory: Critical TermsCourseM1DGW5 ECTS
TLMV16006Cultural Crossovers in LiteratureCourseM2CGW5 ECTS
TLMV14322Cultural EncountersCourseM1BGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16200Cultural MemoryCourseM2CGW5 ECTS
TLMV16304Culture and ComminicationCourseM2BGW5 ECTS
TLMV16301Culture and IdentityCourseM1BGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16106Digital Methods in LinguisticsCourseM1DGW5 ECTS
TLRMV16107Discourse, Cognition and CommunicationCourseM3CGW5 ECTS
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