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Course moduleBrief name
Course type
Starting blockTimeslotFaculty
MU1V14003A Musicologial JourneyCourse11A, DGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15007Arts ParticipationCourse33A, DGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15010Audience & SpectatorshipCourse31B, CGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15005Community ArtCourse33B, CGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15017Computer games in contextCourse31DGW7,5 ECTS
MU3V14007Contemporary Music HistoryCourse34A, DGW7,5 ECTS
ME2V15008Creative Urban TechnologiesCourse21B, DGW7,5 ECTS
MC1V14001Cultural InstitutionsCourse12B, CGW7,5 ECTS
ME1V15003Culture and SocietyCourse12A, DGW7,5 ECTS
ME2V15007Digital media & memoryCourse22BGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15020Dramaturgy and ScenographyCourse34A, DGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15016Dutch film cultureCourse33B, CGW7,5 ECTS
MU3V14005Dutch Music CultureCourse31A, DGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15022Dutch Theatre and Dance CultureCourse33A, DGW7,5 ECTS
MU3V14006Early Music HistoryCourse32B, DGW7,5 ECTS
ME3V15014Film and consumer societyCourse32B, CGW7,5 ECTS
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