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Course moduleBrief name
Course type
Starting blockTimeslotFaculty
GE3V14039"Seeing Like a State"Course33CGW7,5 ECTS
GE3V14028500 years of globalizationCourse31CGW7,5 ECTS
GE1V16005Ancient HistoryCourse13CGW7,5 ECTS
GE3V15006Asia and the WestCourse34CGW7,5 ECTS
CS2V14001Conflict AnalysisCourse21A, CGW7,5 ECTS
GE1V16003Contemporary HistoryCourse12CGW7,5 ECTS
GE3V14030Cultures of EmpireCourse33CGW7,5 ECTS
GE2V16004Early Modern HistoryCourse24B, CGW7,5 ECTS
CS3V11002Framing ViolenceCourse34A, DGW7,5 ECTS
GE3V14020From Cold War to United EuropeCourse32A, CGW7,5 ECTS
GE2V16002Fundamentalism i/t modern worldCasus course23A, DGW7,5 ECTS
GE2V13004Genocide after 1945Course23A, CGW7,5 ECTS
GE2V15002Ges-The Atlantic WorldCourse23C, DGW7,5 ECTS
CS2V15001Identity & ViolenceCourse22DGW7,5 ECTS
GE3V14003International Guest CourseCourse34CGW7,5 ECTS
GE1V16002Introduction to the Study of HistoryCourse11CGW7,5 ECTS
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