Information about course modules Academic year 2016
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Course moduleBrief name
Course type
Starting blockTimeslotFaculty
WY3V14006Analytical MetaphysicsCourse34BGW7,5 ECTS
WY3V14012Ethics & Politics of Human NatureCourse34BGW7,5 ECTS
WY3V14021Ethics and HealthCourse34A, CGW7,5 ECTS
WY3V14020Ethics, Globalization and SustainabilityCourse34CGW7,5 ECTS
WY2V14019Ethics, Science and IntegrityCourse23DGW7,5 ECTS
WY1V14018Introduction to Practical EthicsCourse13C, DGW7,5 ECTS
KI3V15001Machine LearningCourse31A, DGW7,5 ECTS
WY3V14005Philosophy of LanguageCourse31AGW7,5 ECTS
RS2V16002Religion and ModernitiesCourse24CGW7,5 ECTS
RT3V13003Religion and the BodyCourse33BGW7,5 ECTS
KI3V12014SemanticsCourse34B, CGW7,5 ECTS
RT2V13001Sociology of ReligionCourse23AGW7,5 ECTS
WY1V14024What is science?Course11BGW7,5 ECTS