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Course module: FRRMV16012
Topics in Hellenistic Philosophy
Course info
Course codeFRRMV16012
Course goals
The intended purpose of this Topics Seminar is for the participating student  (1) to become familiar with positions taken in the current debates over the specific topic area of the course; (2) to appreciate the arguments for and against the positions; and (3) to develop an independent judgment about the most promising approach in this area.  Specifically the course aims to provide:
·         a general overview over key thinkers and themes from the Hellenistic and Roman periods;
·         an advanced understanding of the topic as developed and discussed by philosophers from this period; and
·         a contextualization of the philosophical discussions of this period.
This “Topics Seminar” explores in depth various texts related to a topic in the philosophy of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, periods that include  such schools as Stoicism, Epicureanism, Scepticism and Cynicism.
The Topic for 2016-17:  Philosophical and Medical Perspectives on Emotion (Epicurus, Galen, and the Stoics)

This course is for Students History and Philosophy of Science, RMA Philosophy. Students of other MA-programmes, please contact the Course Coordinator.  

Interested M.A. exchange students with a strong background in philosophy may qualify to take the course; however, they should first contact the RMA Philosophy coordinator:
Kies de Nederlandse taal