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Course module: FRRMV16009
Topics in the Philosophy of Human Rights
Course info
Course codeFRRMV16009
Course goals
The intended purpose of this Topics Seminar is for the participating student  (1) to become familiar with positions taken in the current debates over the specific topic area of the course; (2) to appreciate the arguments for and against the positions; and (3) to develop an independent judgment about the most promising approach in this area.     
This "Topics Seminar" explores in depth issues and texts in the area of philosophy of human rights and addresses philosophical questions regarding the existence, content, nature, universality, justification, and legal status of human rights.  The specific topic will be different each time, so as to tailor it to current research developments in the field.

Interested M.A. exchange students with a strong background in philosophy may qualify to take the course; however, they should first contact the RMA Philosophy coordinator:
Kies de Nederlandse taal