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Cursus: 200300698
Computationele grammatica's
Cursus informatie
Studiepunten (EC)7,5
Zie Inhoud.
The course will introduce basic principles of computational grammar models in the tradition of enriched rewriting systems.
Lectures about the theoretical background of grammar formalisms will be combined with practical exercises on how to formalize linguistic knowledge.
Three major topics will be covered in the course:

1. Basics of formal language processing - parsing of formal languages, in deterministic and probabilistic approaches.
2. General formal methods in grammatical formalisms for natural language:
lexicalized formalisms, unification-based formalisms, and the treatment of extraction phenomena using such frameworks.
3. Specific examples from a number of leading grammar formalisms such as Minimalist Grammars (MG),
Tree-Adjoining Grammar (TAG), Head-driven phrase structure grammar (HPSG).

 * general knowledge of the expressivity and complexity properties of the formalisms and of their similarities and differences;
* relation between the various grammar models and their use in the language technology world;
* hands-on experience with the development and implementation of computational grammar fragments in the different formalisms;
* analysis, presentation and discussion of the literature;
* writing of a paper for the course.

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